How to identify a good combine harvester?

The Combine harvesters’ belt system is one of the important parts.

            All models of Jaochang combine harvesters’ belts are designed and developed to operate fully efficiency, by using the quality belts from Japan. This made the combine harvester better operation, Jaochang’s belts system, is a belt system that is easy & save time to change, easy to maintain and also has long lifetime. This is one of the important and unique parts of all Jaochang models.

Good harvesting system & Good quality.

          Harvesting and threshing unit of Jaochang has been developed to increase better performance, productivity and reduce losses (Yield loss is less than 3%). This is also one of the most important parts of Jaochang Combine Harvester. Moreover, our harvesting system could not only harvest rice but also corn, soybean and also sun hemp. High productivity come with high satisfactory and happiness for both of our customer and farmers. We provide you more than anyone in the market.

Strong under carriage , Long lifetime.

          Under carriage unit of Combine Harvester is important because it must support overall operation impact that might encounter in the fields, where is hard, tough, or even a quagmire area. The under carriage of Jaochang has been designed to use all of good quality spare parts from abroad such as roller , idler, track shoes and track chains . Our experienced and professional customers has proven that they are confident in the quality of all Jaochang models which able to use for longer lifetime and more durable.

Driving system & Engine is high durability and cost effectiveness.

         With new durable motor and pump system and also new US’s quality qualified engine, these perfect combinations support both of usage durability and fuel saving. They are the main and most important parts of JaoChang Combine Harvester. This is why we proudly provide 1 year guarantee with unlimited usage hours. This would be able to prove all the various engines efficiency which we have carefully selected for Jaochang combine harvesters.